Twitter Adds Message Button For Easy Tweet Sharing

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Ever since it launched a decade ago, Twitter has made a point of being a very public forum: that’s the essence of tweeting, in fact. However, Twitter also wants to be a player in private messages with the new update it launched on Tuesday.

Private conversations – that happen via Twitter’s Direct Message feature – can often spark from tweets posted on the platform though many users believe the way to do it isn’t at all convenient or obvious.

But Twitter is now streamlining the process with a new Message button that users will start seeing underneath each Tweet on their Timelines, in line with the Retweet and heart icons.

If you tap on the Message button, you can share that Tweet privately in a Direct Message to another Twitter user. All you have to do to get the feature, which is rolled out to both iOS and Android users – is install the update for the Twitter app.

Twitter product manager Somas Thyagaraja said the new Message button was inspired by user-feedback, as reports showed a significant increase of 60 percent in the number of Twitter DMs sent in 2015. Users started to share even more tweets privately via DMs in the latter half of last year, spiking the growth by 200 percent.

Thyagaraja wrote the reason behind the Message button on the company blog, saying the team was encouraged to add it because of the many users who said it would be easier to share a Tweet using Direct Message.

Twitter hasn’t added a version of the button for its web version, but that wasn’t a priority seeing that sharing tweets via DM is already available through a button located next to the Like button.

The 140-character platform has shown committed interest to making Direct Messaging more appealing, which meant it has been consistently releasing new features. The floodgates were opened back in August when the company started allowing users to send DMs longer than 140 characters.

Since that first change, Twitter DMs have also gotten emoji and GIF support, as well as the option to create a private group message. With so many updates, it’s surprising it took Twitter this long to launch the Message button.

While Twitter may not be interested in replacing more popular chat services, these updates all increase the appeal of direct messaging to Twitter users, allowing them to talk more easily and share tweets privately without having to leave the app.
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