Bitcoin Inventor Allegedly Stole 1M Bitcoins from Former Business Partner

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Craig Wright, who claimed he is the true Bitcoin inventor, was recently sued by the estate of a former business partner for allegedly stealing 1 million bitcoin when that partner died in 2013.

If Wright losses the legal fight, he’ll have to shell out $10 billion. The suit alleges that shortly after his business partner’s death, the bitcoin founder stole all his bitcoins away.

Wright first publicly claimed that he was the inventor of the cryptocurrency in 2016, ending many years of controversy. Bitcoin experts, on the other hand, are not that sure about that, because Wright has so far failed to produce any evidence to back his claims.

Wright refused to offer the proof, backed away from the publicity surrounding him, and later apologized. Meanwhile, his claims that he is the father of Bitcoin backfired on him, as one of his business partners’ family now wants for him to give them the bitcoin he allegedly stole.

There Are Two Bitcoin Founders, Lawsuit Alleges

According to the lawsuit, Wright is indeed the Bitcoin founder, but he is not the only one. A second founder – IT expert David Kleiman – succumbed to an illness five years ago. The pair started working on the digital currency in 2008 and they jointly mined more than 1 million bitcoins, the suit claims.

The digital coins were held via a firm that Kleiman founded in 2011. Two years later, the former IT expert died, so the company was given to Wright by Kleiman’s brother following a series of lies and false documents.

The lawsuit also alleges that Wright used the false documents to become the owner of the virtual wallet where the coins were stored. Kleiman’s brother produced evidence to back his claims. He presented the e-mail exchanges and files sent to him by Wright in a Florida court.

Bitcoin experts, however, do not believe that Wright could have owned so many coins. Wright recently tweeted that the lawsuit is about “greed”.
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