American Airlines Employee Saves 2 Girls from Being Trafficked

American Airlines aircraft mid-air

American Airlines aircraft mid-airAn American Airlines employee was able to save two teenage girls from being trafficked when she called the sheriff after noticing multiple problem with the girls’ tickets.

American Airlines’ Denice Miracle said she felt something was not right with the girls and that there were some multiple “red flags” that convinced her to stop the girls at he terminal’s gates.

First, none of the girls, aged 15 and 17, had an accompanying adult with them. Each ticket was first class, but one-way. Plus, the credit card used to book the tickets was not in the girls’ or girls’ parents’ names. The whole transaction was flagged as potentially fraudulent.

The airline said the girls were trying to check in for a flight to New York City last summer. They looked tense and were unable to answer customer service agents’ questions.

I told the supervisor, ‘I’m going to call the sheriff. This just doesn’t feel right to me’. It just did not feel right,

agent Miracle told the press.

Mystery Man Told the Girls They Would Be Models

When agents from the Sacramento County Sheriff arrived at the scene, the two girls agreed to unveil the reason for their trip. They said someone on Instagram asked them to fly to New York for a modeling session over the weekend. They would have earned $2,000 for the gig.

They couldn’t tell who the man was. They only knew that he went by the name ‘Drey’ on Instagram. When officers told the girls that the ticket was a one-way trip, the girls’ looked “shocked”.

Deputy Todd Sanderson told them that this aspect suggests they were going to New York to do other things than modeling. When one girl said that she wouldn’t have left anything to happen to her that she didn’t want to, Sanderson replied that she wouldn’t have had no choice in the matter.
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