World’s First Male Contraceptive Pill Seems Safe to Use

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Recent research shows that the world’s first male contraceptive pill does not affect the sex drive, does not have severe side-effects, and is generally safe to use.

The only problem is that some women may not trust their partners to take the pill regularly, even though most surveyed men said they have no issue with taking responsibility for contraception.

The pill was tested on 83 men for 30 days in a world’s first. Scientists believe that the experiment is a step forward an effective male alternative to the Pill.

Past attempts to create a male birth control pill have failed as taking the pill once a day was unproductive since men process and eliminate hormones too quickly. So far, the safest male contraception method has been the condom.

Vasectomy is not as safe as the condom as it doesn’t reduce the risk of STIs. Also, unlike a male pill, a vasectomy is irreversible. The male pill, however, it is not, and seems more effective than long-acting contraceptive shots or topical gels.

Male Contraceptive Pill Could Affect Testosterone Levels

The new pill, dubbed dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU), prevents hormones from being flushed out too fast by the male body. It needs to be taken only once a day. The male pill acts just like its female counterpart, being a mix of a male hormone and progestin.

The male contraceptive pill was tested on 100 men aged 18 to 50. The group that got the highest doses of DMAU, i.e. 400 mg, had visble side effects like the suppression of testosterone and a couple of hormones that influence sperm production.

The male pill was effective if it was administered with food. Men on lower doses of the pill experienced only low levels of testosterone. Yet, they didn’t develop any condition related to testosterone deficiency. Other minor symptoms included higher levels of good cholesterol and mild weight gain. Study authors deemed the results ‘promising.’
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