Teens Should Stay Away from E-Cigarettes (Study)

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A new study shows that adolescents should not use e-cigarettes at all since the popular devices release dangerous chemicals that can lead to cancer. Researchers underlined that many of those cancer-causing chemicals are contained in the so-called juices, with the fruity flavors being the most carcinogenic.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are electronic devices that are considered to be healthier than conventional tobacco products. People use them to get rid of smoking or to reduce their risk of developing serious disease from the use of tobacco products.

However, past studies have shown that e-cigarettes that contain nicotine are just as addictive as normal cigarettes and can represent a gateway into smoking for teens. E-cigs are very popular among adolescents even though the FDA has barred businesses from selling the products to minors.

The latest study from the University of California suggests parents should be worried about their kids use of the devices despite what the industry is saying. Dr. Mark L. Rubinstein and is fellow researchers found that those who vape may put in their bodies chemicals that can lead to cancer.

The study was published this week in Pediatrics.

Some E-Cigarettes as Dangerous as Cigarettes

The toxic ingredients in many e-cigarettes are the same as those found in traditional tobacco products, the study revealed. Teens who use nicotine free flavors are still at risk of getting cancer from e-cigs, the study suggests.

Rubinstein insisted that the vapor released by the devices is not just water vapor. It includes some of the most toxic ingredients we routinely find in traditional cigarettes. The researcher believes teens should be allowed to only inhale simple vapor, not vapors packed with toxic chemicals.

The research team based their findings on data on more than 100 teens that either vaped, smoked or did both. The average age of the study participants was 16.4 years. Of the group, 20 teens did not vape or smoke at all, while 67 were using only e-cigarettes.

Study showed that the concentrations of toxic chemicals were three times higher in vapers than in non-smokers.
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