Science Teacher Feeds Puppy to Hungry Turtle in Front of Class

Snapping turtle getting aggressive

Last week, a science teacher reportedly fed a live puppy to a hungry turtle in front of the class at Preston Junior High in Preston, Idaho.

Deputies who launched an investigation into the incident found that the puppy was sick but still alive when he was fed to one of the teacher’s favorite reptiles. Animal activists called the incident ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’.

Robert Crosland is reportedly the best science teacher the school has. He reportedly owns a snapping turtle and a snake, which he keeps at school. Students said they only heard him giving the animals birds or mice as food, and some of them felt relieved that the pup was nevertheless going to die.

Some members of the staff voiced concern about allowing children to watch and hear an innocent puppy’s scream while being devoured by a snapping turtle. “That is violence. That is not okay,” one staff member said.

Teacher Who Fed Puppy to Hungry Turtle Still Works at School

Franklin County Sheriff, David Fryar said an investigation has been launched into the matter. Fryar underlined that his deputies can only probe the issue and give the findings to a prosecutor, who is the only one to tell whether the teacher broke the law.

The school district said the teacher still works there and hasn’t been placed on administrative leave despite the ongoing investigation.

Local animal activists believe that, even though the pup was dying, feeding him to a reptile while still breathing was not the way to terminate it. Some parents, on the other hand, believe that Crosland just wanted to teach his students the cycle of life. Outraged or disturbed students should have just left the room, one parent said.

The school district said the incident happened after the class was dismissed and was not part of a school program. Student safety was not endangered during the incident, even though some of them may have left with emotional scars.
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