Did the Sugar Industry Hide the Real Health Effects of Sugar? (Study)

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The sugar industry stopped a study that studied the effects of sugar from being completed.

Nowadays, everyone knows that their diet has a crucial influence on the health. Back in the 1960s, the fact that sugar and fats can be dangerous for the heart disease was still a new idea, however. Then, the sugar industry seemingly made sure to influence the debate about which is worse, sugar or fats. It appears to have managed to blame fats for different types of health effects.

The Hidden Ways of the Sugar Industry?

Stanton Glantz from the University of California mentioned that the sugar industry had sophisticated strategies and that these resembled the ones used by the tobacco industry.

For example, in 1965, The Sugar Research Foundation secretly funded a scientific review. This research downplayed evidence which showed a link between blood fat and sugar consumption. The findings of this study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now, it was discovered that the sugar industry also funded its own research that was never disclosed. The investigation that discovered this undisclosed study has now been published in the journal PLOS Biology. In 1968, the Sugar Research Foundation paid researchers to conduct a study on lab animals. The initial results showed the effects of high-sugar diet.

This type of diet increased the triglyceride levels of the animals. Triglycerides are a rare a type of fat found in the blood. In people, these levels can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. The study also showed that the animals who received more sugar were more exposed to bladder cancer because of the high levels of enzymes found in their urine.

Reportedly, the study was stopped before it was completed. Glantz mentioned that the researchers asked the foundation for more time to finish, but this did not agree. The sugar industry says that this research was terminated because of many reasons that did not involve the potentially harmful findings. Also, the industry mentioned that sugar could be part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation.

In recent years, a lot more evidence that connects heart disease to a high-sugar diet sprung to light.

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