Being Spanked as a Child Can Lead to Aggressive Behavior (Study)

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A new study linked aggressive behavior in adulthood to corporal punishment in childhood.

A new research shows, once again, that it is best to avoid any type of corporal punishment when it comes to children. Kids who have been spanked or slapped are more likely to develop an aggressive behavior when they grow up, according to the latest study. This research observed that these children might grow up to become violent partners. One that are more likely to hit their loved ones or develop an aggressive behavior in adulthood.

A Childhood to Aggressive Behavior Relation?

Some people seem to still believe that spanking or slapping a child is the only punishment that works. Despite the fact that experts mentioned that it is ineffective, some parents still do it. Fortunately, the number of mothers or fathers who rely on this type of punishment is decreasing. Doctors and researchers mentioned that kids could be punished in different ways in order for them to understand that what they did wrong. Ways that don’t include physical violence.

To conduct this latest research, experts questioned more than 750 people between 19 and 20 years old. These were asked if they had been spanked as a child and how often, if yes. The ones that mentioned they received any type of corporal punishment were more likely to have an aggressive behavior towards their partners. Even after taking into consideration factors like age, sex, ethnicity, and education, the results were similar.

“Regardless of whether someone experienced child abuse or not, spanking alone was predictive of dating violence,” mentioned Jeff Temple, a pshychiatry professor.

A spokesman from the American Academy of Pediatricians, Dr. Bob Sege, mentioned that this new research confirms previous findings. These showed a connection between childhood corporal punishments and an aggressive behavior as an adult.

The doctor also stated that there are links between corporal punishment and mental health disorders. Children tend to copy the behavior of the people they are surrounded by. For instance, if the parents are aggressive, the child might copy such actions once they grow up, point out the specialists.

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