Halloween Money Hacks: How to Avoid Scaring Off Your Savings Account

wallet with money
A few Halloween money hacks can do wanders for your wallet.

wallet with money
A few Halloween money hacks can do wonders for your wallet, and general spirit.

All Hallows’ Eve is one of the few holidays that don’t come with an obligation of buying gifts to all your acquaintances, but it does generate a lot of pressure to go shopping for candy and costumes. November 1st comes with a stomach ache for the greedy and a shock for the shopaholics. To avoid getting scared by your credit balance, you can employ the Halloween money hacks that we have gathered for all those who wish upon a heavier wallet at the end of the harvest season.

Halloween takes a toll on both children and adults alike. While the first usually get a good scare be it from parents, siblings, or friends, the latter experience fear in its raw form. All Hallows’ Eve is the early start of the holiday season, a time in which joy is entwined with shopping. To make sure that your Christmas stockings will be as full as ever, you can follow a few tricks during this spooky final October weekend.

Don’t Rush to Buy Pumpkins

During early September, lots of people are eager to start carving their jack-o’-lanterns. However, it seems that the price of a pumpkin can drop by at least $2 during the final October weekend.

Moreover, savings specialists advise buyers that while a pumpkin patch is easier on the eye than the crowded aisles of a supermarket, the first usually sells the orange symbols at a steeper price.

Follow Stores and Retailers On Social Media

Many online stores or retailers offer up to 30 percent discount to those who follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletter.

When browsing for a new costume or even if you want to buy candy in bulk, a discount is always welcomed. Do a quick check on social media and find out if your favorite stores feature any discounts during this Halloween weekend.

Examine Your Wardrobe

If you do not want to spend too much money on a costume, you can always resort to a DIY project. An old t-shirt and a pair of worn out jeans can easily be transformed into a zombie costume if you get creative with a pair of scissors and a ketchup bottle.

There are also plenty of makeup tutorials online that will help you get the Halloween look with just the makeup products you have lying around the house.

Think in Advance

Plenty of Halloween stores are ephemeral. If they do not sell their merchandise up until the 31st, they start applying up to 70 percent discounts. Profit and buy Halloween costumes and decorations for next year. This way, in the following year you will only have to spend money on candy.

Summing Up the Halloween Money Hacks

Social media is our friend, especially when following or subscribing comes with a discount. DIY projects are a charity for our wallets. Pumpkins are better bought fresh, and advance planning almost always saved the day.

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