Energy-Packed Breakfast Could Help You with Weight Loss

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

A new study shows an energy-packed breakfast could easily help you shed those extra pounds. Also, a healthy breakfast seems to keep diabetes in check in people that already have type 2 diabetes and/or obesity.

The findings were unveiled at the annual gathering of the Endocrine Society on Saturday.

In their study researchers tracked 11 women and 18 men who had been diagnosed with obesity and type 2 diabetes. All participants were undergoing insulin treatment at the time of the research.

Volunteers were asked to consume one of two types of diets that were proven effective in prompting weight loss, for three months. Both diets had the same number of calories.

Energy-Packed Breakfast Less Likely to Lead to Weight Gain

Senior author Daniela Jakubowicz underscored that a dietary pattern that contains three meals daily and a ‘big breakfast’ and ‘small dinner’ leads to more positive health outcomes than the Western diet with six meals per day. A big breakfast was tied to less hunger throughout the day, better weight loss, and a diabetes that was easier to control and required less insulin.

Researchers insisted that the hour of a meal is more important than what one eats or how many calories one consumes. Dr. Jakubowicz explained that the metabolism changes as hours pass by, so a slice of bread for breakfast has a lower glucose response and is less fattening than a slice of bread for dinner.

The latest findings are in line with past studies that showed a link between a healthy breakfast and better weight control. Breakfast has also been linked to several health benefits like better cognitive performance and concentration.

Also, a healthy breakfast has been tied to improved endurance and strength. It also promotes lower cholesterol levels in the long run. Eating breakfast is especially important for kids and teens, a study from the American Dietetic Association shows.
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