White Children More Often Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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According to a new study, Caucasian kids are more at risk of being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

A recent study shows that one in every 50 children in the USA has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. The research results were released in the journal JAMA.


The Nationwide Rates of Autism Spectrum Disorders


According to this, Caucasian children in the US are more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. More than 2.7% of white kids and non-Hispanic received this diagnostic.

In comparison, 2.3% of African American children are diagnosed with autism. 1.8% of Hispanic kids receive this diagnosis.

In the US, the national rate is of is around 2.4%. The study believes that this rate is raised by the high number of Caucasian children that get diagnosed.

To conduct this research, specialists used data collected from the National Health Interview Survey. The main racial groups were composed of African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic kids. All other ethnic and racial groups were included in another category.

Despite the fact that it was not considered statistically significant, the rate of autism spectrum diagnoses among all categories was noted to have increased.

Previous studies focused on showing the racial disparities in the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. One study, published in November 2017, also showed the influence of socio-economic indicators.

These can have quite the impact. For instance, the researchers mentioned that Hispanic and African American children might not get diagnosed as some of them don’t have access to the same medical services as Caucasian ones. This means that these racial categories might also present high rates, but ones that remain undetected.

Although it is possible that the socio-economic indicators are responsible for the high rate of diagnosis for white children, researchers can’t be sure without further research.

Racial discrimination and other factors need to be taken into consideration as well. Another interesting finding was that the racial gap in autism diagnosis was not that big in other countries as it is in the US. For instance, in France and Sweden, these ethnic differences don’t exist.

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